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20/20 OptimEyes Technologies

20/20 OptimEyes Technologies has developed a mucoadhesive drug delivery platform technology that allows for improved solubility of APIs and extended release.


A.I. VALI improves patient care by empowering health-care providers, pharma/biotech and researchers with high-precision AI capabilities, more accurately identifying diseases such as cancer, and improving the economy of the clinics or clinical trials.

Acuity Insights

Acuity Insights (formerly Altus) delivers assessments focused on non-cognitive aspects of trainees, program management and data analytics solutions specifically for higher education.


Adapsyn is a biotechnology company focused on the identification and characterization of microorganism-derived small molecules to uncover chemical agents possessing novel biological activities relevant to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Afynia Laboratories

Afynia Laboratories is a preclinical FemTech biotechnology company co-founded by two scientists who have dedicated their professional lives to researching reproductive endocrinology and infertility.


AgeRate provides at-home blood testing and a mobile app to help consumers reveal how well they are aging and make targeted lifestyle changes to improve longevity.


AiLights is a product that revolutionizes gaming highlight capture using AI and machine learning, producing highlights that are readily available to post to popular social platforms.

Allarta Life Science

Allarta Life Science is a preclinical regenerative medicine company with a proprietary allogeneic cell delivery platform to enable cell-based, curative therapies for chronic endocrine disorders without the need for immune suppression.


ChloroGrow offers expandable plant pots that grow with potted houseplants, helping users to save time, money, labour and waste, resulting in lowered risk in regular repotting of potted plants.

Cloak The Poke

Cloak The Poke targets the physical appearance of a syringe, which has never been done before, to reduce fear and anxiety in children receiving needles worldwide.


CrowdVision has created an online platform that uses AI generation and crowdsourcing to create a tailored video production for users.

Dahlia Health

Dahlia Health has developed a product that combines all of the benefits of menstrual cups while also solving the issues of insertion, removal and cleaning, creating a new alternative among feminine hygiene products.

EarthOne Inc.

EarthOne has developed a hardware and software solution that plugs into plants and collects important health metrics, delivering them to owners’ fingertips.


Elarex is developing next-generation vaccine platforms to address emerging infectious diseases and commercial vaccine targets.

EmergConnect Inc.

EmergConnect has created a mobile platform that allows patients to register, receive a prediction of their wait time, and even wait at home before arriving at the emergency department of their choice while being directed to the appropriate care.


Enedym is a transportation electrification technology company enabling better motors to be designed and built faster.

Evidence Prime

Evidence Prime creates modern IT collaboration tools for evidence-based health-care experts, allowing them to streamline the process of health-care decision making.


Exerkine Corporation is a nutra-pharmaceutical company that is developing a new class of therapies to treat acquired and genetic disorders.

FendX Technologies

FendX Technologies is a technology company focused on developing surface protection products that shield surfaces from pathogen contamination.

Fusion Pharmaceuticals

Fusion Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on becoming the leader in the targeted alpha therapy field.

HARvEST Systems

HARvEST Systems is a technological solution that improves the overall energy utilization of restaurants ultimately reducing operating costs, minimizing greenhouse gas production and providing electrical resiliency during power outages.

ImaginAble Solutions

ImaginAble Solutions is a social impact company that creates assistive technology, including its Guided Hands device, to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Jetson Infinity

Jetson Infinity is a robotics company that offers portable robotic arms for students and inventors, allowing users to apply their creativity and problem-solving skills to develop real-world solutions.

Kinisi Technologies

Kinisi Technologies helps rowers build muscle and posture memory with its small, wireless, portable device to help them succeed all season long.


KitchenFuel is a meal prep software that integrates all aspects of the supply chain to create a seamless management experience for owners, simplifying all non-cooking business essentials through its web platform.


MedX EasyScribe makes note-taking easier by automatically transcribing doctor and patient conversations, allowing doctors to concentrate more on patient interaction and providing the best care.


MesoMat provides high-resolution, real-time sensing data to help tire OEMs, performance races and industrial manufacturers improve product performance and design, unlock operation efficiencies and innovate new revenue models.

Naturally Synthetic

Naturally Synthetic aims to realize the full potential of a new synthetic chemistry technology for plant-derived molecules, opening the door to their clinical testing and potential approval as medicines or nutraceuticals.


OrganoBiotech offers a core product, IFlowPlate, that allows users to produce a variety of complex preclinical models for high-throughputs precision drug screening.


Phosphosens offers a monitoring platform that simplifies phosphorus detection using a chemical-free technology, enabling the user to achieve rapid and hassle-free phosphorus detection in any water stream.


ProSensus provides consulting services, turnkey machine vision solutions and educational opportunities related to advanced analytics for manufacturing across the chemical, oil and gas; pharmaceutical; food and beverage, and rubber industries.

ProspectHR MMI

ProspectHR MMI is in the soft skills assessment business, with a data bank of interview scenarios and products in three industry verticals: academic institutions, government and businesses.

Protagonist Health

Protagonist Health is an app that uses the research-based concept of ecological momentary assessment, which is a real-time data gathering technique, to help users adopt healthy behaviours and reduce their risk of chronic conditions.

PROVA Innovations

PROVA Innovations is changing the standard of care for in-home gait rehabilitation by developing technologies to help individuals with mobility challenges.


QReserve helps organizations with complex scheduling workflows to automate and optimize their processes through a powerful online web platform, integrations and expert support.

Senso Minds

BeneComm is dedicated to building a diversified portfolio of small businesses that harness the power of technology to generate revenue and create innovative solutions, including start-up brand Senso Minds.


Silai offers an e-commerce platform with a completely remote tailoring experience, making it possible for customers to purchase Punjabi women’s custom-fit suits from home.


SkyVolt is a general aviation electric powertrain retrofitting company.


Synmedix is developing new antibiotic therapies for treating critical infections, with a lead candidate entering clinical trials as a first-in-class therapy to treat infections associated with diabetic foot ulcers.

Synth-Med Biotechnology

Synth-Med Biotechnology makes blood smart by producing functional red blood cells as part of a proprietary platform that delivers drugs to specific targets.


TBIFinder is a biomedical data analytics company that locates and grades impaired brain regions via advanced MRI analytics to help better understand, differentiate and communicate complex symptom presentations.


TechMedic is a digital interactive application that uses animations to promote health literacy among children in hospital settings who are undergoing diagnosis in the emergency room.


Tression offers a variety of comfortable and fashionable compression therapy clothing options for affected patients and those seeking to prevent varicose and spider vein development.

Trillium Meditec

Trillium Meditec is developing and commercializing novel products utilizing hydrogel technologies to treat conditions with currently inadequate therapies.


Triumvira is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company developing unique, targeted autologous and allogeneic T cell therapeutics that co-opt the natural biology of T cells to treat a broad range of patients with cancer.

Turnstone Biologics

Turnstone Biologics is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing new medicines to treat and cure solid tumors by pioneering a differentiated approach with tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte therapy.

Universole Fit

Universole Fit proposes an at-home tool that combines convenience for online shoppers, expert opinions and advanced recommendation algorithms to revolutionize the shoe fitting process.


VoxNeuro develops reliable, accessible and leading-edge EEG-based brain performance software to support clinician expertise while participating in the growing cognitive brain health market.